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I want to share my story and pictures, before and after Homeopathic treatment.

My son is 5 years old at the moment, and was diagnosed when he was 3.5 years old, and got a diagnosis of the autism spectrum, in the beginning it was very hard, but we suspected that this might be autism, because his speech was very poor, he understood very little, he was very shy, very repeated behaviors happened on the way, he did not ask questions, nor did he answer any questions.

At the moment we are after a homeopathic detox and I will say honestly that our son has changed a lot, he is open and he is not shy anymore, he does not over react when something breaks, my son improved his eye contact, and he also finally have something to say which is great.

He likes to asks questions and responds to them, he focuses on tasks, understands commands, He has really made big progress. At school he started to read and write, rides a two-wheeler without any problems and realizes that there might be a danger, he started to play with his sister and started to enjoy playing with other kids.

We are SO HAPPY, that we have come to a wonderful Homeopath Aneta Leśniewska. We are in constant contact with Aneta and we have a great contact 🙂 She gives us a big support, We are very grateful and Thank You Aneta for your patience and support. Thanks to the Homeopathic Detox our son is feeling better and still making progress everyday.

After 8 Weeks Of Treatment With Aneta My Son Is Now A Different Child

I really want to recommend Aneta Lesniewska Homeopath to everyone who err in ordinary treatment,Thanks to Aneta and her homeopathic treatment my son made a very big emotional progress. from a lost boy little talking about his feelings after 8 weeks of treatment which Aneta has prescribed to us, the son is now a different child, he tells us about his feelings, he is more open socially . I’ll also mention weak body resistance that my son had Aneta strengthened his immunity, my son hasn’t been sick for six months now, where other children in the nursery are often sick but it doesnt affect my son anymore. Aneta also helped us with infectious lichen thanks to homeopathy without antibiotics. Also, our daughter who has the Rett Syndrome the doctors claimed that there is a long road ahead of us, thanks to the homeopathy is more calm, she understands more. I recommend Aneta with a clear conscience. She is very empressive for every situation, very accurate and matter-of-fact, she is great with explaining every step we took in homeopathy treatment, first and foremost, she is very patient and in every doubt the parent will get all the answers from her.
Marta U, Warszawa

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Gabrys diagnoza autyzm improvment with speech, spontaneous conversation first time after 5 month detox

My son was diagnosed with pediatric autism at the age of 2 years. Homeopathic treatment has been for over 4 years, and for 5 months we have been under the care of the homeopath Aneta Lesniwska. We went through the steroid detox first, then the vaccination, and we are currently undergoing antibiotic detox. Already with the steroid detox he began to change, and with vaccination detox he began to ask more questions , answer questions, build sentences better, initiate play, much better to draw and read letters, then words and combine Improved him skin, which was previously rough and dry. He became calmer and better focused. We fight all infections with homeopathy. Contact with Aneta in case of urgent matters is immediate which helps us a lot. I recommend with a big heart, and we will continue to work because I believe that we will be able to overcome autism together

Homeopathic Detox of 9-year-old Marysia and 3.5-year-old Szymon

Homeopathic Detox of my daughter , 9-year-old Marysia and 3.5-year-old Szymon. Maria diagnosed with autism and mental retardation, aggression and self-aggression. Before the detox she was very hyper, strong aggression very bad mental state.

In June, we went to Aneta, women of angels. We were looking for homeopath for a long time because we were afraid that its going to get worse, and also I was afraid that the contact with the Homepath will be not as good as I wish. > Marysia takes psychiatric drugs very strong to calm down but they have different effects on her.

We started the detox on the 1th of June, and then there were red crooks on the hands and neckline after a week, terrible diarrhea stools came, especially until noon were green yellow and black.

Marysia began to calm down, she returned to feeling pain earlier she hit and did not feel pain at all. Now she is crying as she hits or hurts and tells what hurts. Marysia was stimulated, but not as before detox, I sent a video to Mrs. Aneta with her behavior at once Mrs. Aneta told us to do a hair test for toxins came to us in the body that stimulates. Aneta immediately acted with homeopathy supported diarrhea and aggression was very effective good remedie hit us. Symptoms that accompanied us during the detox were diarrhea rashes and sweats.

We are now a week after the detox has changed for a better feeling, skin has been smooth and it was rough listening to more aggression there is no agression yet it is also a character. Marysia helps me to clean everything in the kitchen. Aneta, shes always in contact with us and asks how Marysia’s behavior is today I can contact her 24h I know that we are with Marysia on the right track. In 2 weeks, we start detoxing Marysia’s psychiatric drugs to go down completely.

Now, about Szymon very poor speech, and not clearly like a 3.5 year old boy should speak,  but understands commands and performs. We began the detox at the end of June,zero reactions after 2 weeks he got diarrhea all day and passed. At present, he says a lot very interesting questions The speech is getting more and more clear. At night, he wakes up to the toilet and before that everything was wet at night. We are still in the process of detox.

I am also under the care of Mrs. Aneta because I was overwhelmed and Mrs. Aneta has helped me choose the remedie for me, and I’m more lucky. The world is colorful.

Thank you with all my heart for your help.

Mum of Marysia and Szymonka

Behaviours changes with 7 years old Julia

2 months Homeopathic treatment prescribed consultation remedy. Homeopathy is safe gentle for children can change improves behaviour
7 years old Julia became more in contact with parents playing with brother
higher functioning at school her tantrums has gone. Mother can introduce new products.
In the next consultation I prescribed homeopathic detox more positive improvement will notice.
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Reference from Julia’s mother

Two months ago i started homeopathic treatment with my 7year old daughter, After a very long conversation on skype with Aneta Lesniewska. Aneta has chosen a constitutional remedies for my daughter.

And then it began.  Changes started, changes for the better.

My daughter became more calm,. Abnormal reactions during which she scratched and pinched passed. In school they noticed the improvement move my daughter to high funcional class. At home she start playing with his brother.

My daughter interactions and talking became more noticed by others. She began to eat fruits and vegetables and expanded her menu with new products which was not mentioned before.

They have been many changes made us very happy give us strange and hope for the future.

As a mother I feel it as if it was waking up from a coma or trance because she is more and more at present

This is just the beginning of the road ahead of us a detox I feel it and I know under homeopathic treatment direct by Mrs Aneta Lesniewska this road will not be as bumpy. It’s good and only gets better.

Eczema Improves and Child Development

I have prescribed consultation during 2 months remedy eczema has disappear child behaviour and development improves.

Homeopathy can be used in skin conditions also in delay development can improve function of brain reaction communication. In 2 consultation I prescribed homeopathic detox steroids with consultation remedies.

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Here is the feedback from my client’s mother.

I found out about Aneta from my friend. My son was  5-year-old who had eczema and autism, delayed speech. We’ve tried many treatments before. Changes in skin steroids helped for a moment and returned back after a while. After the remedies that Aneta prescribed after 8 weeks, the eczema disappeared, my son stopped scratching. He became calmer. He started babbling, trying to talk and trying to eat. Where before there was no question about new food. With time, he began to be calmer and more open to new things. He is more aware of what he is doing. thank you very much

Homeopathic Detox Therapeutic testimonial of Alex’s father thanks to homeopathy ‘my son says’

Works of a 5-year-old boy.  A look at the world of a 5-year-old child before and after detox.
#First drawing made before treatment with homeopathic detox
#The second work after homeopathic detox the boy begins to write and count # he signed the work ?

When our son was diagnosed with autism, we started to seek help. Our 4.5 year-old son hardly ever said anything, he was aggressive, he often broke out with anger, it was hard for him to explain, he had numerous allergies to pollen and had the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. We treated atopic dermatitis with steroids and creams unsuccessfully.

During our search we came across Aneta Lesniewska. We decided to use the help of Aneta and the homeopathic detox therapy. After 10 weeks of therapy we are very positively surprised. Our son is much calmer playing with other children silent outbursts of anger and aggression, # he began to speak! #Words new words to build sentences. Skin changes are absent atopic dermatitisskin is gone, he is healthy and clean lack of allergy attacks.

We are very happy with the help of Mrs. Aneta and we are already starting therapy for our second son.

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Kuba at the age of 2 years and 3 months. (In April) received a medical diagnosis: early childhood autism …

Kuba at the age of 2 years and 3 months. (In April) received a medical diagnosis: early childhood autism …
It all began around the end of 2 years … Kuba began to be self-contained he stopped talking and didnt interact with others … his toys and his world were more important, he did not react by name, he became very noisy, tearful and irritable child. Contact was growing more difficult … We decided to act … from May we went on a 3x diet without … In July this year, we started homeopathic consultations with Ms. Aneta Lesniewska we had the interview and we received a homepathic detox prescription From August Kuba began to change … The first words, emotions, curiosity of things appeared. Detox lasted 8 weeks. There were visible changes every week.. Kuba began to make eye contact, touched and brought various things with questions what is this ?

He started to be interested in everything around, imitate, more new words came, more contact, more logical thinking, what could potentially happen, and above all more open and cheerful .Our cheerful and a happy child was back . All thanks to the help of Mrs. Aneta and the introduction of her detox.  Contact with Aneta was and is great … She works fast, always replay even for obvious questions . We are very happy that we came to a homeopath who helped us with ours child. Thank you for your help and we would recommend to other parents.

Happy mother of Kuba, Paulina

Retarded development NOP Homeopathy Detox Therapy

My son of 4 years, vaccinated for everything had very poor eye contact, was not responding to his name, had woud not play with other children. He he could not do anything for a long time, practically no words spoken, he was very stubborn and had to be pampered all the time. After Homeopathic Treatment his eye contact changed amazingly, my son understand much more, he began to eat by himself and now when I bring him to the bathroom he always pee (he will not go yet, but it is still a huge step), he is able to concentrate on one activities, he became more focused. He also says a few words, not always clearly, but he tries. There are many more to come (soon we start poly vactination) but I am very happy now that you can see progress. I am very happy with our Homeopath Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska, she always selects drugs correctly for other ailments, always responds and is in constant contact, I am delighted with homeopathy.

Katarzyna, London

Homeopathy Detox Therapy for Children with Candida Eczema and Regressed Speech

childrens skin eczema homeopathy    childrens skin eczema homeopathy

Testimonial from Grazynka Irlandia…
I wanted to share my daughter’s 5 year old daughters case. She had no tolerance to lactose, delayed speech, asthma and has food allergies. Changes on the skin on her face worried us. It was difficult to find relief and we tried many methods. By April 2018 her speech was so poor and she had withdrawn from playing with other children. Aneta prescribed a homeopathic remedy for vaccine injury. The huge progress in her speech development since then has meant that her speech therapist has had to change her to a higher program. Her cough from Asthma has gone and we have seen a dramatic change in her personality and confidence. She speaks full sentences in English and Polish and has a rich vocabulary. Her orientation and knowledge of such things as where we live and where we go shopping we are even planning a family holiday. She has much more energy and likes to play with children It’s thanks to homeopathy and Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska. A homeopath who is treating my daughter and our family.