I have prescribed consultation during 2 months remedy eczema has disappear child behaviour and development improves.

Homeopathy can be used in skin conditions also in delay development can improve function of brain reaction communication. In 2 consultation I prescribed homeopathic detox steroids with consultation remedies.

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Here is the feedback from my client’s mother.

I found out about Aneta from my friend. My son was  5-year-old who had eczema and autism, delayed speech. We’ve tried many treatments before. Changes in skin steroids helped for a moment and returned back after a while. After the remedies that Aneta prescribed after 8 weeks, the eczema disappeared, my son stopped scratching. He became calmer. He started babbling, trying to talk and trying to eat. Where before there was no question about new food. With time, he began to be calmer and more open to new things. He is more aware of what he is doing. thank you very much