About Aneta Homeopathy




I have been passionate about people since I was very young. I often question myself on how we can realise our potential and optimise any area of our life. I worked with autistic children, ADHD disorder and children with learning disabilities as a Special Needs Teacher when I lived in Poland

I hold M.A. in Special Needs Education from the Academy of Pedagogy in Warsaw. I moved to UK  in 2004 and have been working in the health sector for over 10 years. I'm   passionate about alternative therapies and I have been constantly training  in therapies such as: Hypnotherapy & NLP, Peak States Therapy and coaching people to increase their potential.

Peak States Therapy is another therapy I certified in 5 years ago and I have specialised in Traumatic Brain Injury.

The first time I became interested in homeopathy was when my  2  year-old  cousin started having allergies which caused her late development after a course of vaccinations. Homeopathy and diet increased her strength and helped her with her condition. She passed  level A at College in Rawa Maz and recently Graduated from one of the University in Poland. I always dreamed of becoming a homeopath. I enrolled at the Centre for Homeopathic Education for 4 years degree course in London in 2012. During course I have worked with children with late development, autism and ADHD spectrum.

I graduated in 2016, I now work full time  as  a Peak States therapist specialising in Traumatic Brain Injury www.peakstates.com  and Homeopathy treating a wide range of conditions, but my main focus is treating children with autism, ADHD disorder and various problems children with learning disabilities. I also treat and help their parents. I believe homeopathy can increase the child's potential and reverse conditions often caused by toxins.


When my 7 yr old son had problems at school (related to stress) and not able to cope with competitiveness with his peers he felt overwhelmed and had tantrums at school. I arranged for an interview with a homeopath. She was really kind, supportive and a good listener. She observed my son's behaviour on a few occasions and advised him to take some homeopathic remedies. The remedy prescribed by the homeopath was quite effective. My son's approach to school changed into positive behaviour. He started to understand how to cope with stressful situations, especially when he got into conflict with others and became more confident and outspoken. He also managed to learn better how to ignore some situations instead of taking them too seriously, which was a huge distress before the treatment. I also had a positive impression of homeopathy when I felt stressed out by everyday situations. The remedies helped me to relax easily, they calmed me down and improved my sleeping.

W.R West Yorkshire

As an individual who has suffered from psoriasis since my early teens, i have tried many different types of treatment/traditional medicine. Today, many of the new biological treatments available on the N.H.S. are based on suppressing the autoimmune system. Whilst they may work to some extent, the potential side effects in my view are endless and unknown in relation to long term use. Like many others who have lived and live with psoriasis I turned to homeopathy as a potentially effective option. With an open mind and desire to seek a more ‘gentle’ treatment I sought out treatment with a homeopath, this being Aneta Lesniewska. The initial consultation was in depth, thorough and sought to ascertain the reasons behind my psoriasis. This also focused specifically on under what circumstances did my psoriasis become worse or improve over time. After a full consultation and discussion regarding the basis for homeopathy, herbal medicine was prescribed. A number of follow up sessions were arranged to check my progress, which I was impressed with. It isn't just about the skin, it is also about your mental well being and this was also discussed. I certainly found over time that homeopathy was effective for my condition and assisted in my long term management of psoriasis. I would definitely recommend homeopathy as an option.

RL, West Yorkshire

I have had a number of sessions of Peak States and homeopathic consultations. The first therapy works great. It’s difficult for me to remember my old emotional issues problems and all my negative emotions had gone. Aneta is very keen to understand the detail behind my issues and was very calm during session. She didn’t look at the clock and made sure my issues had been healed. My friends noticed a change in my emotional states as I have become more calmer - often smiling. it’s easier to discuss and solve any problems. Aneta also offers Homeopathic consultations. Thanks for homeopathy I did not have to use traditional tablets for my physical illness all old symptoms disappeared.

Joanna. Poland

I wanted to share my daughter's 5 year old daughters case. She had no tolerance to lactose, delayed speech, asthma and has food allergies. Changes on the skin on her face worried us. It was difficult to find relief and we tried many methods. By April 2018 her speech was so poor and she had withdrawn from playing with other children. Aneta prescribed a homeopathic remedy for vaccine injury. The huge progress in her speech development since then has meant that her speech therapist has had to change her to a higher program. Her cough from Asthma has gone and we have seen a dramatic change in her personality and confidence. She speaks full sentences in English and Polish and has a rich vocabulary. Her orientation and knowledge of such things as where we live and where we go shopping we are even planning a family holiday. She has much more energy and likes to play with children It's thanks to homeopathy and Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska. A homeopath who is treating my daughter and our family.

Grazynka, Ireland

My son has very serious postvaccinal complications. I had a difficult pregnancy and I took a lot of medicines and hormones including mthfr 1298C. At the age of 7 weeks he lost his sucking reflex, and had reflux and he did not sleep at night. He had constant diarrhea with constipation and was always crying and screaming as his stomach was hurting. He had an allergy to milk and he vomits even after water. Then I came to the homeopath of Aneta Lesniewska. After a week his stomach ache disappeared he was calmer. After 2 weeks. He starts to drink water and his allergy disappeared after 3 weeks. I am beginning to introduce new meals to my diet, it is fun, and there is no more vomiting. There are worse days like rashes, lack of sleep, daytime sleep, but I'm not discouraged because I know it's normal and it must be during treatment. I have contact with homeopathy at any time and write what to give, what to change. My child is happy, I know that a long way ahead of us But I will not give up!

Filipek Boleslawiec

When our son was diagnosed with autism, we started to seek help. Our 4.5 year-old son hardly ever said anything was aggressive, he often broke out with anger, he was hard to explain, he had numerous allergies to pollen and had the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. We treated AZS with steroids and creams unsuccessfully. During our search we came across Mrs. Anete. We decided to use the help of Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska and homeopathic detox therapy. After 10 weeks of therapy, we are very positively surprised. Our son is much calmer playing with other children silent outbursts of anger and aggression, he began to speak! He says new words, he builds sentences Skin changes are absent AZS skin is healthy and clean lack of allergy attacks. We are very happy with the help of Mrs. Aneta and we are already starting therapy for our second son.

Krzysztof, Wakefield

My son of 4 years, vaccinated for everything had very poor eye contact, was not responding to his name, had woud not play with other children. He he could not do anything for a long time, practically no words spoken, he was very stubborn and had to be pampered all the time. After Homeopathic Treatment his eye contact changed amazingly, my son understand much more, he began to eat by himself and now when I bring him to the bathroom he always pee (he will not go yet, but it is still a huge step), he is able to concentrate on one activities, he became more focused. He also says a few words, not always clearly, but he tries. There are many more to come (soon we start poly vactination) but I am very happy now that you can see progress. I am very happy with our Homeopath Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska, she always selects drugs correctly for other ailments, always responds and is in constant contact, I am delighted with homeopathy.

Katarzyna, London

Hello I wanted to share my experiences with homeopathy. For about 13 years I have suffered from psoriasis. Then after a few years later, depression and zero self-confidence followed. About 4 years ago i developed psoriatic arthritis which gave me a tremendous amount of pain. For many years I had massage treatment plus steroids, strong painkillers for joints and other medications. For 3 months I have been taking homeopathic remedies and now I not taking any medication. I’m pain free have more energy and feel confident. I am currently in the process of detox, and I can't recommend the homeopathy therapy of Mrs. Aneta Lesniewska highly enough.

Aneta, Wakefield