Kuba at the age of 2 years and 3 months. (In April) received a medical diagnosis: early childhood autism …
It all began around the end of 2 years … Kuba began to be self-contained he stopped talking and didnt interact with others … his toys and his world were more important, he did not react by name, he became very noisy, tearful and irritable child. Contact was growing more difficult … We decided to act … from May we went on a 3x diet without … In July this year, we started homeopathic consultations with Ms. Aneta Lesniewska we had the interview and we received a homepathic detox prescription From August Kuba began to change … The first words, emotions, curiosity of things appeared. Detox lasted 8 weeks. There were visible changes every week.. Kuba began to make eye contact, touched and brought various things with questions what is this ?

He started to be interested in everything around, imitate, more new words came, more contact, more logical thinking, what could potentially happen, and above all more open and cheerful .Our cheerful and a happy child was back . All thanks to the help of Mrs. Aneta and the introduction of her detox.  Contact with Aneta was and is great … She works fast, always replay even for obvious questions . We are very happy that we came to a homeopath who helped us with ours child. Thank you for your help and we would recommend to other parents.

Happy mother of Kuba, Paulina