What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is derived from two Greek words “homoeos” meaning similar and “pathos” meaning suffering. Translated literally, it means “similar suffering“. It is a system of medicine propounded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, a little over 200 years ago. Thus was born Homeopathy- Similar Suffering, and the law of cure– Similia Similibus Curentur, that is, ‘let likes be cured by likes’. In simple terms, it means, ” any substance that can produce a set of signs and symptoms in a healthy person can be used to cure a similar set of signs and symptoms in a diseased person”. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine which assists the natural tendency of the human body to heal itself. It acknowledges that all symptoms of ill health are a mere manifestation of the disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient that requires treatment and not the disease. It has been in existence worldwide for nearly two hundred years and its popularity is rising in the present day.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine. Homeopaths do not treat physical, emotional and mental illnesses separately, but regard them as intimately connected. These are all aspects of the whole of the patient’s suffering. Further, they understand that symptoms of illnesses are evidence of the body’s natural and automatic efforts to heal itself. These clues are used to guide them when prescribing a remedy.

What happens in a consultation?

I approach patient in a holistic manner and regard the physical, emotional and mental or spiritual complaints of each person as intimately connected. Since all are aspects of the whole being of the patient suffering. I understand that symptoms of disease are evidence of the body’s natural and automatic effort to heal itself and these clues are used to guide them when prescribing a remedy. I ask detailed questions on all aspects of your life past and present. Be as detailed and thorough as possible, what you may determine as unusual, trivial or unimportant could hold a greater significance to your case. First consultation can take about 90 min follow up consultation tend to be between 30 min up to 45min.

How long should I have between appointments?

Time between consultation can be 5-6 weeks. It gives homeopathic remedies time to react and allows your body to begin the process of healing.

Can I take homeopathic remedies alongside drugs from my doctors?

You should always check with your GP if you are on prescribed medication