I want to share my story and pictures, before and after Homeopathic treatment.

My son is 5 years old at the moment, and was diagnosed when he was 3.5 years old, and got a diagnosis of the autism spectrum, in the beginning it was very hard, but we suspected that this might be autism, because his speech was very poor, he understood very little, he was very shy, very repeated behaviors happened on the way, he did not ask questions, nor did he answer any questions.

At the moment we are after a homeopathic detox and I will say honestly that our son has changed a lot, he is open and he is not shy anymore, he does not over react when something breaks, my son improved his eye contact, and he also finally have something to say which is great.

He likes to asks questions and responds to them, he focuses on tasks, understands commands, He has really made big progress. At school he started to read and write, rides a two-wheeler without any problems and realizes that there might be a danger, he started to play with his sister and started to enjoy playing with other kids.

We are SO HAPPY, that we have come to a wonderful Homeopath Aneta Leśniewska. We are in constant contact with Aneta and we have a great contact 🙂 She gives us a big support, We are very grateful and Thank You Aneta for your patience and support. Thanks to the Homeopathic Detox our son is feeling better and still making progress everyday.