My son was diagnosed with pediatric autism at the age of 2 years. Homeopathic treatment has been for over 4 years, and for 5 months we have been under the care of the homeopath Aneta Lesniwska. We went through the steroid detox first, then the vaccination, and we are currently undergoing antibiotic detox. Already with the steroid detox he began to change, and with vaccination detox he began to ask more questions , answer questions, build sentences better, initiate play, much better to draw and read letters, then words and combine Improved him skin, which was previously rough and dry. He became calmer and better focused. We fight all infections with homeopathy. Contact with Aneta in case of urgent matters is immediate which helps us a lot. I recommend with a big heart, and we will continue to work because I believe that we will be able to overcome autism together