Treating Autism, ADHD disorder, OCD spectrum with homeopathy.

What Our Clients Say

When my 7 yr old son had problems at school (related to stress) and not able to cope with competitiveness with his peers he felt overwhelmed and had tantrums at school. I arranged for an interview with a homeopath. She was really kind, supportive and a good listener. She observed my son's behaviour on a few occasions and advised him to take some homeopathic remedies. The remedy prescribed by the homeopath was quite effective. My son's approach to school changed into positive behaviour. He started to understand how to cope with stressful situations, especially when he got into conflict with others and became more confident and outspoken. He also managed to learn better how to ignore some situations instead of taking them too seriously, which was a huge distress before the treatment. I also had a positive impression of homeopathy when I felt stressed out by everyday situations. The remedies helped me to relax easily, they calmed me down and improved my sleeping.

W.R West Yorkshire

As an individual who has suffered from psoriasis since my early teens, i have tried many different types of treatment/traditional medicine. Today, many of the new biological treatments available on the N.H.S. are based on suppressing the autoimmune system. Whilst they may work to some extent, the potential side effects in my view are endless and unknown in relation to long term use. Like many others who have lived and live with psoriasis I turned to homeopathy as a potentially effective option. With an open mind and desire to seek a more ‘gentle’ treatment I sought out treatment with a homeopath, this being Aneta Lesniewska. The initial consultation was in depth, thorough and sought to ascertain the reasons behind my psoriasis. This also focused specifically on under what circumstances did my psoriasis become worse or improve over time. After a full consultation and discussion regarding the basis for homeopathy, herbal medicine was prescribed. A number of follow up sessions were arranged to check my progress, which I was impressed with. It isn't just about the skin, it is also about your mental well being and this was also discussed. I certainly found over time that homeopathy was effective for my condition and assisted in my long term management of psoriasis. I would definitely recommend homeopathy as an option.

RL, West Yorkshire

I have had a number of sessions of Peak States and homeopathic consultations. The first therapy works great. It’s difficult for me to remember my old emotional issues problems and all my negative emotions had gone. Aneta is very keen to understand the detail behind my issues and was very calm during session. She didn’t look at the clock and made sure my issues had been healed. My friends noticed a change in my emotional states as I have become more calmer - often smiling. it’s easier to discuss and solve any problems. Aneta also offers Homeopathic consultations. Thanks for homeopathy I did not have to use traditional tablets for my physical illness all old symptoms disappeared.

Joanna. Poland