2 months Homeopathic treatment prescribed consultation remedy. Homeopathy is safe gentle for children can change improves behaviour
7 years old Julia became more in contact with parents playing with brother
higher functioning at school her tantrums has gone. Mother can introduce new products.
In the next consultation I prescribed homeopathic detox more positive improvement will notice.
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Reference from Julia’s mother

Two months ago i started homeopathic treatment with my 7year old daughter, After a very long conversation on skype with Aneta Lesniewska. Aneta has chosen a constitutional remedies for my daughter.

And then it began.  Changes started, changes for the better.

My daughter became more calm,. Abnormal reactions during which she scratched and pinched passed. In school they noticed the improvement move my daughter to high funcional class. At home she start playing with his brother.

My daughter interactions and talking became more noticed by others. She began to eat fruits and vegetables and expanded her menu with new products which was not mentioned before.

They have been many changes made us very happy give us strange and hope for the future.

As a mother I feel it as if it was waking up from a coma or trance because she is more and more at present

This is just the beginning of the road ahead of us a detox I feel it and I know under homeopathic treatment direct by Mrs Aneta Lesniewska this road will not be as bumpy. It’s good and only gets better.