When by son was almost 4 we decided on a detox because our son had behaviors that disturbed us. He was nervous, he hugged his younger sister tightly and us, was very shy about meeting new people, he did not want to talk, did not want to leave me for even a second, it was hard to leave him with dad or other people. Bedwetting every night once was the norm, often two times, despite going to the toilet before going to bed.

We were most disturbed by the fact that he had a problem with speech which was very unclear, and we as parents often did not understand what our son was saying to us, and when he was surrounded by children, he told me to speak for him because the children did not understand what he was saying.

During the detox, we had two breaks – each of them after 7 days as my son was tearful, timid, strenuous, a little cough in the first week.

After the first break we were amazed…

  • Kryspin first spoke English in kindergarten, which he later continued at home
  • he started to go to kindergarten and ask why I came back to collect him so quickly
  • when I was cleaning the bathroom, he grabbed the mop and began to wash
  • the floor, telling mom I will help you 🙂
  • The questions began: “Why are you a woman, mom? -How do you go to the God?
  • He did not ask such questions before, he did not start the subject, and now the
  • change cannot be compared! He asks complex questions, is inquisitive, willing
  • to talk.

Now he is very open to people and he says “hello” and also understand many things, e.g. why something is not allowed, or that he cannot eat sweets for breakfast, which before it ended in tears.

The most important thing that convinced me that the detox was amazing was the fact of traveling to Poland by plane and help over my younger sister during the journey, at the airport or on the plane explained to the sister that there was nothing to be afraid of, that he would hold her hand, that in a moment he would be at the grandparents’ holiday! The words of my parents and mother-in-law ” he has changed! You can talk to him like an adult, He lets me explain things to him, he does not scream when he has a different opinion!

During the detox he began to wet the bed at least 70% less, which gave him more confidence, he is not afraid to approach children and start playing in the playground which before that time (detox) was unthinkable, he played with himself or with his sister . I am very grateful to homeopathy and Aneta LeĹ›niewska for guiding us at this time, for patience and being with us at such an important time. Amazing how huge the changes in our son’s behavior are!

Anna Datta