I get up in the morning before everyone wakes up at home, I sit quietly in the corner of the kitchen, I listen to whether he has already got up, no not yet, a moment of silence. Suddenly the rhythmic clocking of the clock is interrupted by a terrible scream. I know I should come in but I feel a strange fear of what will happen to me this time handful tousled hair in his still child’s hand or something else … I have different thoughts, what I’m doing wrong, what can I do to help us. I am tired, very tired. The problem seems to be growing, the family atmosphere is unbearable. , I open the door and what I see him sitting on the bed, sweaty and shouting, punching his own head, and so for several good months. at school, similar situations, these uncontrolled attacks during the day are a lot, therefore learning does not go well, the therapies are not effective, it is really bad … I am under the wall, give it to him or not …? therapist please try. I gave it, since it calms others down, it can also help him. Unfortunately, it did not help. We are all fighting, He is poor and We are completely helpless. it was about 4 months ago before the homeopathic detox. Today it looks quite different. The crisis has changed very first of all, it does not show any aggression, there are no screams and other unexplained attacks. I gladly go to school and work with great enthusiasm. He possesses many new skills, writing, drawing, painting. Today He brought homework addition and subtraction with my little help solved everything. He began to speak more and communicate in a way that was understandable to his surroundings. We are very pleased, we will continue homeopathic treatment because it saved our lives. THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART TO ANETA LESNIEWSKA !!!!

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