Homeopathy for Children with ADHD

My homeopathic treatment for ADHD could help your child cope with stress enabling long term and permanent relief. Individualisation is the key in treating any chronic condition with homeopathy. This is particularly important in treating children with ADHD. Symptoms in children can vary: some are violent and aggressive, others are sweet, sensitive and compassionate, trying to cooperate fully with physician although unable to concentrate in school. This diversity explains why no one medication, whether prescribed or homeopathic, will work for all children.

Causes of ADHD

  • Hereditary - It is known that ADHD runs in families. They found that over 25% of the first-degree relatives of the families of ADHD children also had ADHD whereas this rate was only about 5% in each of the control groups
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances - Research have found an association between mothers who smoked tobacco products or used alcohol during their pregnancy and the development of behaviour and learning problems in their children.
  • Brain injury - May also be a cause of attention deficit disorder in some very small minority of children. This can come about following exposure to toxins or physical injury, before or after birth.


  • Detoxification to detox the body from relevant stress factors like antibiotics, vaccines or heavy metals
  • Constitutional homeopathic treatment of the child a remedy selected.
  • Bowel nosode - Clearing toxic gut may become absorbed leading to abnormal immune response could be implications in Autism, Allergies, Asthma
  • They have potential to heal damaged bowels and neurological symptoms and anxiety.

When my 7 yr old son had problems at school (related to stress) and not able to cope with competitiveness with his peers he felt overwhelmed and had tantrums at school. I arranged  for an interview with a homeopath. She was really kind, supportive and a good listener. She observed my son's behaviour on a few occasions and advised him to take some homeopathic remedies. The remedy prescribed by the homeopath was quite effective. My son's approach to school changed into positive behaviour. He  started to understand how to cope with stressful situations, especially when he got into conflict with others and became more confident and outspoken. He also managed to learn better how to ignore some situations instead of taking them too seriously, which was a huge distress before the treatment. I also had a positive impression of homeopathy when I felt stressed out by everyday situations. The remedies helped me to relax easily, they calmed me down and improved my sleeping.


Treating Autism, ADHD disorder, OCD spectrum with homeopathy.